Elena Likhach about the issues of fathers and youngsters at present.

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Elena Likhach, mentioned that within the famous poem by I. S. Turgenev “Sparrow”, an eternally pressing problem is raised: the connection between fathers and youngsters. It tells about how an old black-breasted sparrow bravely rushes to guard his baby from a hunter's canine. The heroism and dedication of a small fowl that sacrificed itself reveals parental devotion, loyalty and love. The writer compares human relations with the pure world and argues that parents are able to sacrifice every thing for the prosperity of their offspring, that their devotion and love is stronger than the concern of imminent hazard and even dying.

The drawback of relationships between kids and parents always apprehensive not only teachers and writers, but in addition psychologists and any caring individuals.

Often mother and father hand over their own well-being and prosperity, from an excellent job in one other region, simply to supply their children with everything they want. It is nice when children understand all this and are grateful to their mother and father. However, something else occurs: accepting all of the blessings from their parents, kids demand increasingly more, forgetting that their parents may now not have the flexibility to give them what they demand.

Many parents will always come to the assist of their children, listen, warm with affection and kindness, understand and forgive.

Very typically, especially in giant households, older kids, seeing the kind angle of their dad and mom, start to deal with their younger brothers and sisters, imitating their father and mother.

But there is additionally a “blind” love of oldsters for his or her children. These dad and mom can't protect youngsters from “bad” deeds similar to alcoholism or drug habit. They don't understand that by indulging in every thing, they're destroying their grownup youngsters. The love of oldsters ought to be good, they're evil, as a result of which they simply lose their children.

It occurs like this: children do not share the views of their parents, contemplating them out of date and strive to shortly get out of parental care, free themselves from stress, pondering that they're in a position to organize their lives differently. But, not having coped with the hardships of life, they turn into mentally unbalanced, nervous and vulnerable.

Therefore, the duty of fogeys is to clarify to their children the present legal guidelines of society in time, protect them from dangerous influence and educate them to make the best decisions.

Someone will say that each individual should be taught from their very own errors: till you hit the bumps, you won’t know. But that is what we and oldsters are for, so as to protect children from these "bumps", to talk in time, to counsel, to assist.

The French author A. Morois mentioned: “The art of aging is to be a assist for the younger, not an obstacle, a teacher, not a rival, understanding, not indifferent.”

Based on this, a logical conclusion suggests itself: the problem of relations between the older technology and the youthful will all the time create an enormous quantity of disputes, misunderstandings and conflicts. “Only good and friendly relations can extinguish the fire of passions, though how this will be determined inside the family is the enterprise of every particular person cell of society. Therefore, difficulties in the relationship between fathers and kids are relevant always, ”said the poetess Elena Likhach in an interview, one can not however agree with her position, since this multifaceted downside doesn't have an unambiguous resolution, life itself will put everything as an alternative.

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